Xamarin.Forms Carousel

Xamarin.Forms is a very powerful product Xamarin has produced, some what control lacking because they want us to develop the controls.  This would anger some and throw people off the product completely, but not us that like a challenge.

In my quest to develop a streaming app (un-named at the moment) I decided i that it would be a great idea to have a carousel like control for some popular streams.  Digging around the pre built controls and sample codes Xamarin offers I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted; however, I did find a “Plugin” on GitHub that someone else created.  It seemed to be exactly what I wanted, I was stoked!  So I forked the repo and began implementation into my current solution. After a few hours I realized I wanted a few features that were not available via this Plugin. So I began to modify every aspect of it and ended up with something similar on screen but different in the back end and something that was more flexible.  So I present to you Xamarin.Plugins.GenericCarousel [GitHub].

Currently there is only a renderer for Android, but iOS is soon to come.  The only thing that needs to be implemented is the gesture listener.

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