GINA, The Smart Coffee Instrument You’ve Always Wanted by GOAT STORY

Gina Overview

Gina is the first smart coffee instrument that is not only artfully engineered, but also includes everything you’ll need to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Paired with its mobile app you have unlimited power and configuration options, whether its a pour-over, immersion, cold drip, or a combination of them all!  In addition, using the built in scale and app combo you’ll never be guessing how much coffee grounds you should be using!

Whether you are a coffee Connoisseur or just a regular Joe 😉 Gina sure won’t disappoint!  Check out GOAT STORY’s campaign over on KickStarter to get more details!


Hooked On Twitch – V8.9

Recently Twitch made an update to their API that requires all clients to authenticate for every request.  Months before they made the switch they sent out a notification to all registered clients suggesting to perform the update.  Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and I missed that deadline. 🙁

Nevertheless, version 8.9 is available today in Google’s Play Store and address the issue.  So have fun viewing and stay tuned for further updates coming down the pipeline!

Check it out here!

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