NextCloud Docker Tutorial – Part I

Some time ago, I went on an adventure to try out NextCloud.  During my adventure, I struggled with getting certain aspects of NextCloud working and it took a bit of reverse engineering and a lot of research to accomplish what I wanted successfully.

That is to have a NextCloud instance running in Docker, serving my friends and family! Sneak peak, I’ve been running this since July of 18 without any issues!

If you aren’t familiar with NextCloud or Docker, I suggest researching both technologies, before reading any further.  Especially, Docker since this article is going to assume a basic understanding of docker and docker-compose.  But since you are here I am betting that somewhat what familiar.

The only prerequisite is for you to have Docker installed. I’m not going to into details on how to this since you can run docker on OSX, Unix Systems, and Windows. There are plenty of tutorials out there for all those different platforms. For reference, I will be running Ubuntu Server on an old mac mini 🙂

There will be a series of posts that describe how to get to a production-ready instance of NextCloud and have it be secure, maintain backups, and how to approach upgrades.  Below is the first post aimed at getting you up and running for experimenting.

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