Hooked On Twitch – V8.9

Recently Twitch made an update to their API that requires all clients to authenticate for every request.  Months before they made the switch they sent out a notification to all registered clients suggesting to perform the update.  Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and I missed that deadline. 🙁

Nevertheless, version 8.9 is available today in Google’s Play Store and address the issue.  So have fun viewing and stay tuned for further updates coming down the pipeline!

Check it out here!


  • Authentication against Twitch Servers
  • Fixed endless notification loop (in “audio_only” mode)
  • Fixed issue with certain channels crashing


  • Subscribe
  • Favorite
  • Chat
  • many more…

 Update 5-22-2017

I have decided to discontinue development on Hooked on Twitch, since Twitch offers everything one could want in an app.  It was a fun adventure and I learned a lot; and will start a new development adventure to test the new limits of Xamarin.Forms!

Stay Tuned!!

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