MSBUILD vs. Web Deploy & Automation

So you’re here, probably on your third or fourth cup of coffee and struggling to automate the deployment of your web site(s). Don’t worry you’re not alone, I alone went threw an entire box of K-cups by the time I finally found the answer! You probably started out with using MSBUILD and the “DeployOnBuild=true” parameter for your publish profile and at first all was great! Your files were in the right location (maybe) and the site was up and running in IIS with no issues, minus the whole authentication hole you created (our secret). So you tried your mad Google skills and stumbled upon Web Deploy which looked extremely promising; but long story short, it fell short or your thinking there has to be a better way of doing this!?!?

And your right there has to be a better way! But first lets understand what MSBUILD and WebDeploy are…

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