Hooked On Twitch Update!

The newest feature for Hooked on Twitch is out and available!!  It includes speed updates and push notifications once logged into your Twitch account.  The service is brought to you free of charge.  If you want to know the details on a technical aspect keep reading.

Push notifications can be a daunting task especially when your goal is to implement it on all platforms.  However, Microsoft Azure helps take some of the pain out of it by bundling the need services together on a single scalable service.  It also allows for multiple sources to fire off the notifications for any application.  This can be completed by creating an App Service inside the Azure Portal and schedule a task or you can write a command line application and publish it to Azure to achieve the same goal.  But don’t be deterred by then portal, I agree it can be overwhelming.


Stay tuned for the actual code samples..

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